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You're the SEO problem - only you can fix it.

That sounds a bit harsh - but ultimately it’s true. Late last year, Smashing Magazine wrote an article about SEO and basically said that: As long as your website is programmed properly. Don’t try to game the system - it’s not a long term strategy. Write original, relevant, interesting website content for people. Keep doing that - it takes time. As people link to your site, your ranking will rise.

Own your digital identity.

I am amazed when I see somebody applying for a development job with us and they have a shaw.ca, hotmail or yahoo address. It sort of makes me sad right away - because it shows me that they don’t really take their digital identity seriously. I think that you need to own and control your digital identity. It costs about $10 / year to own a domain name - buy one and use it - make it your identity for as long as possible.

What I want in a Canadian Virtual Private Server provider.

I'm trying to find a decent Canadian VPS provider that I can use for some of my customers. Yes - I know that having your data in Canada is not really any safer than having it hosted in the USA, but I can't fully convince some of my client's legal departments. I need: 1. The ability to start up additional instances without calling somebody or filling out a form so that they will "

More falsehoods programmers believe about time - "wisdom of the crowd" edition - @NoahSussman - Infinite Undo

A great many of the false assumptions listed were my own. Especially “time stamps are always in seconds since epoch” and “the duration of a system clock minute is always pretty close to the duration of a wall clock minute.” Whoa did I ever live to regret my ignorance in those two cases! But hey, apparently I’m not the only one who has run into (or inadvertently caused) such issues.

A little Chef advice is needed - how to move forward.

Chef workflow question... Looking for a little advice here on how to move forward with some Chef built infrastructure. I started going through my chef repo this Christmas - and some ugly little platform version hacks started appearing - so I got to thinking about how better to structure things - and here I am. We have about 20 Rackspace Cloud Ubuntu 10.0.4 boxes running various parts of nonfiction's web infrastructure - they're working great and are current with all patches, etc.

Milk prices may double in the New Year - Why does this still happen?

It works like this: In order to keep dairy farmers in businesses, the government agrees to buy milk and other products if the price gets too low. The current agriculture bill has a formula that means the government steps in if the price of milk were to drop by roughly half from its current national average of about $3.65 a gallon. Problem is, the current bill expired last summer, and Congress had been unable to agree on a new one.

It's cool when Clinton proposes it.

"These districts are bringing school nurses and counselors together to respond to warning signs like depression or bullying," Clinton said. "They are improving classroom security and expanding after-school and mentoring programs." Clinton also unveiled the $60-million fifth round of funding for "COPS in School," a Justice Department program that helps pay the costs of placing police officers in schools to help make them safer for students and teachers. The money will be used to provide 452 officers in schools in more than 220 communities.

The Secret History of Guns - Adam Winkler - The Atlantic

Indisputably, for much of American history, gun-control measures, like many other laws, were used to oppress African Americans. The South had long prohibited blacks, both slave and free, from owning guns. In the North, however, at the end of the Civil War, the Union army allowed soldiers of any color to take home their rifles. Even blacks who hadn’t served could buy guns in the North, amid the glut of firearms produced for the war.

Man says he had shooter in his sights, but chose safety over firing

Meli earlier told a KGW reporter that he heard three gunshots, and then positioned himself behind a pillar in the mall. Meli said he saw the gunman working on his rifle, pulling a charging handle and hitting the side of the weapon.  Meli said he then pulled out his Glock 22 pistol and aimed it at the suspect. But when he saw someone move behind Roberts, Meli decided against firing, concerned he might hit an innocent person.