What I want in a Canadian Virtual Private Server provider.

I'm trying to find a decent Canadian VPS provider that I can use for some of my customers.

Yes - I know that having your data in Canada is not really any safer than having it hosted in the USA, but I can't fully convince some of my client's legal departments.

I need:

1. The ability to start up additional instances without calling somebody or filling out a form so that they will "get back to me". Ideally there would be an apiiPhone app or web interface where I can do just that - just like I already do with Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud.

2. Ubuntu LTS is required - CentOS or Windows only need not apply.

3. Onsite backups at reasonable prices. I will take care of offsite snapshots - likely in the USA as I can't find reasonable storage costs for 200+GB in Canada.

4. Reliability - I am not interested in the lowest price - I will pay more if the servers are stable.

5. No yearly contracts.

I want:

1. Ability to scale up those instances dynamically - just like I can currently do with Rackspace Cloud.

2. Multiple locations in Canada would be nice.

3. Would be awesome if they worked with Chef or had a knife plugin - but not a deal breaker - I can always just knife bootstrap them.

4. Pay by the hour resources - but will pay by the month / quarter if needed.

Is this too much to ask?

Anybody know of a company with Canadian server hardware that fits the bill?