octohost v0.5

Since we launched 6 days ago, we’ve been busy updating and upgrading octohost with all sorts of upgrades.

v0.5 is available now - the Changelog is here but the top 4 highlights are as follows:

  1. Docker 0.7 - released recently.
  2. The /usr/bin/octo cli which allows for simple management of an octohost server.
  3. SSH Agent forwarding is now supported by OpenSSH and sudo - very handy with sudo /usr/bin/octo move sites old.ip.address.here
  4. Configuration of the domain name and the installation of additional keys is handled by user-data/setup. That will still have to be handled manually if you’re not using AWS.

Use our already built AMI (ami-de72e8ee) or build your own with the source.