Announcing octohost

We’ve been using Docker as the backend for a project we’ve been working on for the last little while.

That backend ended up being the simplest possible web-focused Dockerfile based PaaS we could conceive - with Heroku/Dokku like deploys using nothing but git.

We’ve named it octohost - all of the source is available here:

There is already a prebuilt AMI available in US-West-2: ami-26d84216

Or you can build your own with Packer - all templates are included.

The quickest deploy possible using AWS:

ec2-run-instances --key your-key -g group-with-22-and-80-open ami-26d84216 --region us-west-2
cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -i ~/.ssh/your-key.pem "sudo gitreceive upload-key ubuntu"
git clone
cd harp && git remote add octohost
git push octohost master

At that point, you’ll have a single Harp.js website available at:

So far we have support for Ruby, Node, PHP, Java, and Go - more languages and framework support are forthcoming.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions - there’s lots of things still to do - patches are welcome.