Aloak is the worst domain registrar I have ever used.

TLDR: If you’re having problems with a .ca domain name, reach out to CIRA - they may be able to help!

Late last year, I started to move 4 domain names off of Aloak - a registrar I had used for years. I was concerned:

  1. They weren’t responsive to any request I had made in the last few years. I always had to ask and re-ask and continue to ask for small changes.

  2. Their web interface was abysmal and didn’t work properly. I couldn’t change items I needed to change.

  3. Their SSL certificate had actually expired in 2010.

After a couple of months, I had to abandon the effort - I stopped emailing them after nothing was done.

In May of 2014 I picked up the effort again and in June - it was finally done. We had enlisted DNSimple and their Concierge service - and it had finally been completed.

On July 9th I emailed a customer of ours and asked them to change their domain name server records - unfortunately their registrar was also Aloak - the worst domain registrar ever.

As I had previously experienced, the domain name changes that had been requested just weren’t done.

We kept trying all throughout July, August and now through September, and the domain name servers haven’t been changed all this time. Every so often we get a response like this:

Today - we got this response:

Over 3 months to change some domain name records - and it still hasn’t been done.

Hey CIRA - they’re “CIRA Certified”? Can you guys do anything about this?

I would transfer the domain name - but the last time it took approximately 6 months.

Any ideas for my client?

Update: CIRA was able to help my client change their domain name records and transfer the domain. Thanks everybody!