Looking for a new challenge.

Last year, after a lot of soul searching, I realized that it was time to move on from nonfiction - it was time for a change. However when you’ve founded and built a company over 12 years, moving on isn’t so simple, so my business partner and I have been working a for the last few months to simplify and streamline my exit from day-to-day operations.

nonfiction is a great company that I’m proud to have built, it will be in my business partner’s capable hands and I couldn’t be prouder of the team that we built together.

As of May 31, 2014 I will no longer be a full time employee of nonfiction, however I will be sticking around for at least one month (on contract) to finish up a few projects and tie up some loose ends.

In July, I am looking for a new challenge - somewhere where I can learn and build new things, improve existing systems and keep my brain stretched.

I’ve been working a lot with Docker, Chef, “the cloud” (Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc), Packer, Vagrant, Cloud Foundry, Heroku and other similar tools over the last few years - so I’m looking towards challenges that involve some of those technologies, but I’m pretty open to anything involving the web and distributed systems.

I’m also very excited about emerging technologies like Consul, Serf, etcd and CoreOS - I see lots of potential and interesting work around them.

Much of what I’ve worked on and experimented with is posted on github - but some of my best work to date has been around octohost - nonfiction’s Docker based mini-PaaS that’s powering an unannounced and almost released product.

Another project I’m extremely proud of is the Varnish based CDN that I built in early 2012. It was scaling up in production and handled 100M hits over 3 months very well, but when I found Fastly - we switched over and abandoned it. (Pro tip: If you’re not using Fastly yet, you should.)

My skillset allows me to create internet systems with a focus on empowering a team to build and run on top of those systems.

If you’re looking for somebody like me, please send me a note and let’s chat.