100 days of commits.

100 days ago, I made a goal for myself to commit something to Github every day.

Github contributions

I was feeling a little stagnant and wanted to challenge myself and make sure that I was learning every day.

100 days later, I feel like I’ve kept my momentum.

I’ve written Chef cookbooks, created a Chef skeleton framework for myself, built a few websites, started an entire project - octohost, posted to my blog, learned about a whole bunch of new technologies: Serf, Docker, Laravel, built a whole bunch of AMIs, Droplets and Rackspace Images with Packer and Vagrant, wrote an article for Sysadvent, learned about Ansible, built some packages, updated some Heroku buildpacks, released a Capistrano 3 example repo and lots of other things.

Always. Be. Committing.

I’ve been feeling pretty renewed and envigorated as I have built and learned things I didn’t know before.

I love it - going to see how long I can keep this up. At the pace I’m at, it’s pretty sustainable I just need to keep going - one commit at a time.

NOTE: If you’re not logged into my account, it looks like I’ve only got 15 days in a row - but lots of my commits are to private repos - I wish that would show on the graph - but that’s how it is.