Using as a CMS

I saw this link today and was very interested in how they did it.

I love the simplicity that you can get when you deploy static files - but managing them has always been a bit of a hassle - and technically above what most of our clients are happy to use.

You see, nonfiction has a CMS that we’ve been using for a number of years. It’s PHP/MySQL based and has served us well - but it’s getting a little long in the tooth. It works great for static customer websites - but when you want to add any app type functionality it leaves a lot to be desired.

We normally do web app development in Ruby on Rails because of the rich Ruby ecosystem of gems and reusable code, but have never found a Rails CMS that we’ve liked, because they haven’t been a huge step up.

We could build all sorts of sites with them, but we normally hand off our sites to our clients, who then manage them all by themselves - with us helping as needed. Most of the Rails CMS platforms haven’t had a system that we felt could be handed off easily.

I’ve been writing this post in and while I don’t think I could hand this off to my clients in this exact state, I’m going to be watching the changes they’ve talked about adding and see if it’s a possible solution going forward.