A first step towards prosecutions? - Anger in Egypt | Revelations will be explosive.

The protesters who stormed the offices of Egyptian state security this weekend say the buildings are proof of "the greatest privacy invasion in history", filled with transcripts of phone conversations, surveillance reports and stark reminders of the torture carried out inside.

Hundreds of protesters seized the state security building - a prominent symbol of the Egyptian government's brutality - after hours of protests in 6th of October City on Saturday night.

They were at first blocked from entering the building for several hours, and some demonstrators started to show up with tents and food supplies; one said he expected it to become "another Tahrir Square", referring to the downtown plaza where protesters camped out for weeks to force president Hosni Mubarak to resign.

But the Egyptian army allowed them to enter at around 8pm on Saturday evening, and arrested many of the state security officers working inside.