I've moved all my day to day files into the cloud now.

A little while ago, I decided that I wanted to be more flexible with where I was working, so I started slimming down the files I was keeping and started moving all of my data into the cloud.

This weekend I finally completed that task and all of my work files that I use are now synched up using Dropbox. I still have 2/3's of my space available - but have thrown out a TON of files that I was keeping for no good reason at all.

All of my email is forwarded to a single Gmail account. A Google Calendar manages where I need to be and when.

All of my notes / todo lists / etc. are synched up with Simplenote - I'm using JustNotes on my desktop when I don't want to use the web interface.

All of my website passwords and synched using 1Password to all the computers I use.

All of my code is in Github.

Everything is backed up - for the first time in my life all my important files on all of my computers is backed up one way or another - Time Machine or Dropbox's unlimited undo.

Feels nice to have my digital life all squared away at the moment - we'll see how this works out and if the increased flexibility is of any use at all.