Conan Twitter Tracker - How Conan Met Sarah | Conan on Twitter is awesome.

This afternoon, we spoke with Sarah Faith Killen and her fiance, John D. Slowik, Jr., via Skype from their bedroom in Fowlerville, Mich., and we intended to share that video until we saw what an amateur job we did with that recording. So, we'll tell you the story because that's what we do best here at Show Tracker: tell stories.

Sarah, 19, and John, 21, will celebrate their third anniversary on March 13 and are getting married on Sept. 25. Before Friday, they had no idea how they were going to pull that off. He was recently laid off and she is a student. They live with his father now, but plan to soon get a place of their own and enroll in the University of Michigan.

Since @conanobrien announced she was his "random" Twitter pal designee, Sarah has been showered with presents and attention, going from three followers to 12,713 in 24 hours. Strangers have practically planned her entire wedding for her, and someone sent her a new Apple computer. That was Matt from the Florida-based company, Hornblasters, by the way, who came to the rescue with an I-Mac when Sarah's Webcam malfunctioned and it looked like she was going to have to cancel an MTV News interview via Skype Friday night.