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Many developments in computer science have nothing to do with the capabilities of computers, but with the way we use them.

A few years ago, an article on Airbag Industries1 inspired me to think about writing a blog with a unique design per post.

There are many benefits:

  • It encourages creativity both at the computer and away from it
  • It’s like a code kata for design
  • You can easily experiment with cutting-edge CSS3 features or just learn CSS2
  • You’ll learn how to build a style foundation for other designs in other applications

On the downside, it takes more time than simply writing prose.

This is great - totally understand about the homogenization of website content. I struggle with this all of the time with our sites and our client sites - it simply takes time (and costs more money) to make custom pages each time.

This is an inspiration on how to do it properly.