is the 2010 webhook version of the cannon shot from 1994

The power came back on, and we put the damnable program on the FTP server, and two million people all started attempting to download it at once, before we had even posted the announcement message, and we're done done done and I suppose now we can all live happily ever after.

We sat in the conference room and hooked up the big TV to one of the Indys, so that we could sit around in the dark and watch the FTP download logs scroll by. jg hacked up an impromptu script that played the sound of a cannon shot each time a download successfully completed. We sat in the dark and cheered, listening to the explosions.

I hooked up to another site last night - it's a small web app that's not really live yet, but it helps to satisfy a desire when you release something:

Is anybody actually using this? Or did I just waste a whole lot of time making it?

Oh yeah, there's always Analytics, but they're often uber-delayed and just not as fun to see live.

I'll probably turn it off shortly after launch, but it will be interesting to see if/how it gets used - this way I can keep an eye on it.