Newfoundland premier Williams out of ICU, recovering well from heart surgery

Last week, deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale said the criticism of Williams was unwarranted and an invasion of his privacy. She said the premier would address the issue after his return home.

It should be possible for ANYBODY in Canada to use their own money to pay for a medically necessary procedure - but unless you're actually wealthy, that is pretty much impossible.

We HAVE to pay approximately 1/3 of our taxes to the government for our medical care - there is no ability to take that 1/3 and pay somebody else. When I compare 1/3 of my taxes to family in the US, they actually pay a little less than me.

Until it is an option for the rest of us, Danny Williams doesn't get a free pass by jumping every line that we're all stuck in.

I'd like to see real health care debate in this country - not the highly politicized drivel we're used to.