Give Danny Williams a break. No way.

The main criticism dogging Williams, of course, is while buying health care is fine for a rich person, what about those Canadians who can't afford to leave medicare coverage behind, and jet off to the U.S. on a wing and a prayer and an Amex card with no limit?

The short answer is by going to the U.S., Williams is actually saving Canadian taxpayers money, while taking himself out of the lineup for treatment covered by medicare.

Cheaper for taxpayers. Faster treatment for those who rely on medicare. Hard to argue.

This is the core of my issue with this.

I believe that it's nobody else's business what I spend my after tax dollars on - if I want to pay for a medically necessary surgery, I should be able to.

But Canadian politicians have deemed that conversation (and option) out of bounds. That's when people like Danny boy start to channel the dead soul of Tommy Douglas and declare their worry about the state of Canadian medicine. All the while, they do the exact same thing - "linups for thee, but not for me".

The truly rich in Canada can bypass any line or waiting list - but the rest of us have to pay our taxes and our government health care costs and get sub-standard treatment.

Cowards and hypocrites, the lot of 'em.