Premier Danny Williams going to U.S. for heart surgery - probably against the (unjust) law.

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is set to undergo heart surgery this week in the United States.

CBC News confirmed Monday that Williams, 59, left the province earlier in the day and will have surgery later in the week.

The premier's office provided few details, beyond confirming that he would have heart surgery and saying that it was not necessarily a routine procedure.


The fact that this is against the law in Canada is pure bullshit. Two tier healthcare is alive and well in Canada folks - and I'm okay with that - but:

1. It is currently illegal to pay for a "medically necessary" procedure.
2. We have a sitting Premier who appears to be doing just that.

Will there be any penalty for him? Or will we just hear the chorus of: "He's too important to wait for the surgery."